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The way we create our world determines the possibilities that are available to us in our business and private relationships as well as in how we relate to ourselves. Shifting our root perspective and developing the capacity to consciously witness our impulses opens us to new possibilities that allow for different results.

Personal Growth coaching helps you to increase these possibilities in your life and fully embrace a way of being that is in sync with your true potential. This growth does not have to take years. It can be a lightning-fast realization that shifts the way you think, see the world, and interact with it.

We work holistically and leverage the wisdom of your intellect, your emotions, your body and soul.


Typical situations where we support with Personal Growth Coaching are:

  • New in role/ company

  • Transition into new responsibility incl. moving into new country culture 

  • Enhancing leadership impact

  • Re-defining personal growth path

  • Discovering own purpose

  • Feeling stuck in professional/ personal situation

  • Actualizing own dream/ purpose

  • Challenged with team, organizational situation

  • Finding personal balance and re-creating one's way of being

Arrange a free 1-hour chemistry meeting/call and explore what Personal Growth Coaching can do for you.

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The level of consciousness of the top team in your organization is essential for the choices you have in your field of business. The members of your top team can either out of underlying fear live a culture of command and control or create a field for creative action to allow for natural agility and joyful success.

How your top team is on the one hand able to reflect on limiting mindsets and behaviors and on the other hand courageous to turn upsets into opportunities for growth, makes the difference. We help you build these skills in a very practical way and make them part of your leadership routine.


Typical situations where we are engaged to design and deliver Top Team Transformations are:

  • New team leader/ CEO succession

  • Changes in strategic direction

  • Re-orientations towards the organization's purpose

  • Mergers and new collaborations

  • Re–energizing and re–focusing the team

  • Dysfunctional patterns in team collaboration

Arrange a free exploration session to get first ideas on how a Top Team Transformation can take your team to the next growth level for greater organizational impact.

Leadership & Cultural
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Combining individual learning aspirations with the wider growth path of your organization is the art of successful leadership development. We design and deliver our Leadership Learning Journeys based on the principle "Grow Yourself to Grow Others to Grow the Business".

By providing spaces for learning that combine inspiration and latest learning technology with bringing the insights home into your business we make sure to marry the "wow" with the "how".

The process of designing your Leadership Learning Journey is that of a true partnership and co-creation. We bring our experience and join in with your industry and organizational knowledge.


Typical situations where we are engaged to design and deliver Leadership Learning Journeys are:

  • Crafting/ giving birth to an organizational purpose

  • Shifting behaviors to deliver on an organizational aspiration (purpose, values, ...)

  • Developing leadership skills and a consistent leadership language across the organization

  • Creating a culture based on coaching leadership skills and natural agility

  • Talent development: preparing leaders for the next step in their careers

Arrange a free sharing session to learn from our experience in the design and delivery of Leadership Learning Journeys that go far beyond the norm.

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Individual and Leadership Growth as well as Top Team Journeys are one thing, spreading the capability of transformation in your organization through a Cultural Transformation Journey and taking it as far as into your customer relationships is the art of really making a powerful and sustainable difference in your culture and in the world.

Our carefully designed and tailored Cultural Transformation Journeys combine thorough capability building of transformational practices with hands-on application to your business situation and challenges.

The results are well grounded skills that continuously help discover and resolve limiting patterns in your organization, creative problem solving and true innovation power based on natural agility which leads to fulfillment and satisfaction in your teams and never thought of business results.


Typical situations where we are engaged to design and deliver a Cultural Transformation Journey are:

  • Market/ business situation requires doing business differently for the organization to be successful

  • Business model changed or needs to change with structural, process and cultural implications

  • Shifts in mindsets brought new insights in the top team and now are to be offered to the wider organization

  • Organization understood that its true creative potential can only be unleashed if all employees are authentically involved

Arrange a free co-creation session to take a first step into a more conscious future for a wider impact of your organization for the greater good.

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