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"The level of consciousness of an organization cannot exceed the level of consciousness of its leaders."

Frederic Laloux

We empower conscious leadership that enables positive social impact in our communities and in the world.

We have a bold mission to transform purpose-driven leaders and visionary organizations to be the primary vehicles for personal flourishing & societal transformation. 


Why? Because we are at a critical time where approximately 70% of employees are disengaged from their work; leaders are stretched to their maximum capacity; natural resources are being depleted, and ecosystems are being destroyed for the sake of business profit. 

Never before has there been such a great need for a connection with our highest selves and to our shared humanity to find new ways of working collaboratively to create our future.

Step into your light and unveil your full power



true team cohesion for

high performance and impact

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Transform leaders for individual and
organizational growth

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Unleash the full potential of your organization

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Our Purpose

Our Purpose


The purpose of Luminize - International Coaching & Consulting is to bring you in touch with your potential - your true colors - and enable you to lead a fulfilled and authentic life. By stepping into our full power as human beings we not only transform ourselves but also turn into a creative source for the transformation of the organizations we work in and the families and communities we are a part of.


We offer you a learning and transformational opportunity that goes beyond a dialogue. By taking advantage of the wisdom of our body and emotions, by understanding our values, priorities, true needs and our triggers that put us into "autopilot mode" we help to increase your possibilities in life.



“Working with Mirko has been a very rewarding journey. He has given me tools to better understand and follow my inner self as well as empower the creativity in my team. The insights gained have been key in my career development especially in the transition to positions of wider responsibility.”


Jesús Monforte Hernández - Head of Sales, NKE Bearings, Austria


"Throughout my coaching process with Mirko we touched different subjects, but the focus remained: finding a way for me to be more effective while staying true to myself (or even becoming more authentic in my leadership).

I realized that what we built together in our conversations can be replicated, which sustainably changed the way I look at and approach such challenges."

Martin Walter - Vice President Finance and Controlling Asia Pacific MANN+HUMMEL, Singapur

“The coaching gave me new perspectives to manage the fine line between passion for profession in a global corporation and personal goals. Besides finding the required balance, it significantly shaped me in my role as a strong and successful leader. I am just starting this journey and will enjoy to continuously explore more.” 


Mandy Oertel - Senior Director Pricing & Range Segmentation, adidas, Germany


"With his sharp analytics and powerful questions, Mirko has helped me to step out of my comfort zone. I learned to focus on important factors in my personal development. The process motivated me to dig deeper into my personal self."

Eric Amstein - Project Manager Sports Services, Infront Sports & Media AG, Switzerland

“Mirko brings depth, experience and wisdom to his work with leaders and organizations. He is a keen observer of what is happening and what is missing that would allow a team to prosper. I have seen his nuanced and courageous approach work wonders, often to the surprise of his clients."


Dan Newby - Coach, Teacher, Author of “The Unopened Gift: A Primer in Emotional Literacy”, Spain


“What started as a business coaching went way beyond and helped me tremendously in my personal development as well as becoming a better leader. It triggered new thinking on my side and the desire to look beyond the obvious when working with people.”


Maik Rucks - adidas - Senior Director Creation Center, Japan

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